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I Surrender All

God’s moral law is just as essential to the existence of His universe as are the physical laws that hold it together and keep it functioning.  Sin is “the transgression of the law” (I John 3:4 KJV).

It is “lawlessness,” as the Greek Word anomia indicates.  Lawlessness issues from a rejection of God and His government.

Rather than admitting responsibility for the lawlessness in the world, Satan lays the blame on God.  He says God’s law, which he alleges is arbitrary, infringes on individual freedom.  Furthermore, he charges, since it is impossible to obey it, the law works against the best interests of created beings.  Through this constant and insidious undermining of the law, Satan attempts to overthrow God’s government and even God Himself.

But God’s government is based upon love.  John 14:15 tell us that if we “love God, we will keep His commandments.”  Christ showed us how to keep those commandments. He showed us what love look likes and that it can only be done by totally surrendering ourselves to our heavenly Father.

Let our prayer then be, “All to Thee my precious Saviour I surrender all.”


Pastor Lester